Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Creating by accident

Every time I have found a new way to create or look at something different it has been 99.9 percent accidental. Its easy to get stuck with a certain style and I've been deciding lately to step out the box and challenge myself more. Today I challenge you to try something different! A different breakfast, a new path to your destination etc.. Something about doing it a little different every day for me personally keeps me on my toes. Its easy to get a routine and next thing you know your on autopilot, and the day just completely vanished. The most valuable thing you have is today, Right now and that is all you have, not yesterday or tomorrow. Life is very fragile and it is passing by like the sun in the sky. It comes up and goes down. I'm not sure exactly why were here, but it feels real when my adrenaline is pumping, when I'm scared, Traveling, joyful or as soon as I step out the door feeling sun rays warm my skin or the cold air lift the hair up on my arms and I could hardly breath as the thin air squeezes my lungs. -Jeremy

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