Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live and Forgive behind the scenes Jan. 9-10

Michael Bruhh Frontside blunt and lands in the infinite nothingness
Jamie charging this mini ledge for a boardslide, this guy makes the simplicity in skateboarding standout with power and steez
Mike D should not be push puff passin on this one but hes got the mental power that breaks any doctors standards.. He had a recent knee surgery a few months ago on his acl I believe and he just started pushin again. Take it slow my G

Jamie getting that westgate steeze on this back 50 that almost turned into a backside feeble every try

Day two out on a sunday at the same flat bar as last week...But what ever Pepe killed it and got a clip. Going to the same spot numerous times is very challenging to shoot. It forces me to look at it in as many way as possible, and really proves there is infinite ways to look at objects, subjects etc.

Raul took my camera for a bit and got this one of Chapo No pun intended
Chapo tagged along and decided catch a flight to being a pro ass wanga

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