Saturday, January 9, 2016

Photos from Katie Morales Art opening at Zendo

It takes a lot for me to step away from my cave. I'm one who tends to stay in at night and rather work on my stuff. It seems like such a obstacle to go out at night, drive, walk, socialize and especially in environments you don't know much people and your rolling solo. Why go right? I have found that each time I have taken a step out of my comfort zone, entered some place alone I have not regretted it one bit. Every single time I make new friends. See something that inspires me or I hear the exact words of advice as if they were heaven sent or some angel from heaven giving me the message and next steps to proceed in my life.

 I went out after a skate mission with the homies to Katie Morales's art opening at Zendo Coffee, a place I've only passed by a handful of times but never went in because its out of my usual area I hang. BUT what not going to places in your "Usual" area you hang only hurts you, segregates, separates you, keeps your mind narrowed in perspective. I'm happy and very thankful I went! I have seen Katie a few times around Albuquerque and we share a smile and a wave when we do. Katie shared a handful of personal pieces. I was touched by two pieces the most,  a photograph of somebody hanging out a window of a train or bus (Above) to me it says I'm going on a adventure and I don't know where the heck I'm going, the way the subject is looking back at his/her past is moving into a new direction. The lines and bars, very nice! The next is the first drawing at the top. As soon as I started creating art I was able to appreciate it A LOT more. Not just the amount of time that goes in but the person engraves their soul into something and shares that! I see that in this piece.... Thank you Katie for sharing your life and getting me to get out of the house and meet new people!

Elizabeth Criger

Jasper Tay

Katie talking with Kat before the night ended with free wine (Unless it was already free?)

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