Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snowy Flat bar sesh with Tom Cat and Michael Bruhh 26/12/15

Michael "Bruhh" Sanchez Nosegrind pop over
      The snow comes and goes here in Albuquerque. It could be a enemy or could be your sense of peace and a reason to not go outside. For me personally when snow begins to fall from the sky its as if time finally freezes in my mind. It sets me in the moment. All my worries go away and all I could think of is how pleasing it is to see the snow gently falling to the ground (Unless its a blizzard) But either way it keeps me focused. Both hands on the wheel (life). I'm more aware of my surroundings and life becomes still the way I strive for it to be daily. 

Our only plan was to go skate in a parking garage. When the weather is a factor and you skate life can began to become.....dark, for me at least. This one task is the main thing that keeps me going. Out of all the things I have done and do in my life I have found skateboarding to be the most freeing. Maybe it has to do with moving your body, the challenge, the pain, the dance, the reward and the memories and adventures it creates. To most it could seem like a dead end but this has been the biggest door in my life. It has led me to photography, led me to my friends, Art, traveling I can probably go on about how great skateboarding is.
Frontside Hurricane

Tom "Cat" Trujillo

During these last couple weeks we have been trying to go out filming more consistently. As you may know or not it is winter time. Some days are actually quiet sunny and warm if you ask me. As I left my house on this day it was already snowing and looked as if all of Albuquerque was doomed. BUT as me and Tom arrived to pick up Michael the snow happened to stop all around his house. We rushed down the street to this flat bar and had a sesh on it and then......The storm came. We stuck it out until our hands were numb, the flat bar was soaked and our grip tape was wet. That's the kind of stuff I like. -Jeremy

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