Monday, February 29, 2016

How I budget with small amounts of money while travelling.

      I've been having this idea lately to share some of my tips on how I travel on a budget/small amount of money. Some people will call you crazy but I think its genius and also exciting while requiring a open space to witness miracles happen, even if they are happening every moment. I've gone on trips with 20 dollars in my pocket where as most people would use hundreds of dollars to survive. There's nothing wrong with that either! I just think money can seem like a wall to jump over when you want to travel and for me it is and it isn't. Even if I did make a million dollars I would still travel like this, very minimal. Ive been sitting on this vlog from New York for sometime and just felt the motivation to create a post to accompany it.

Handling money
  • Have the amount written down, whether you keep a card or cash write it down and personally to your self unless your sharing. You aint gotta brag about how many dollas you don't got.
  • subtract what is being spent, going towards and write it down on that paper. Be honest with yourself if your about to cash out on a new pair of Gucci frames from some busta ass hustla on the side of the road claiming there the hottest shit when really they flea market frames, You write it down.
  • Don't make your self suffer, its OK to treat your self but depending on your budget try to determine what it can be used for. I like to split my amount in thirds 1.Food, 2.Fares (Bus, train, etc.), 3.extra.
  • The FIRST day you get there, go to the grocery store and buy food. The more you procrastinate to go there the more you'll end up spending.
  • How can you store it? Is there a fridge, Microwave, stove, or a back pack?
  • Don't eat out, Not eating out can seem difficult at first. Depending on your budget treat your self out at least once to some Fried rice and make sure that homie gets you a fortune cookie because you gonna need some wisdom for this experience.
  • Even fast food seems cheap but here is my calculus 101 street equation. We averagely eat three times a day. The bare minimum per meal is two dollas. 2 dollars (per meal) times 3 (meals a day) equals $6 a day, times 7 days a week equals $42 dollas! As where buying groceries I have lived off of 15 to 20 dollars for a week almost two. That's extra cash to ball out spendin on a budget baby!
  • Maybe bread, peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut spread, fruit, Jelly/Jam, Granola, fruit! Or if you got a fridge, stove and microwave then you can get whatever! What's for breakfast lunch and dinner? Snacks? Pack your food to take on the go because you gon be on the go all dam day! You gon be hungry and in a itchin mood for some fries! Ain't no body got time for that. Pack it up and EAT. Every bodies gon be mad jealous when you whippen out that Pb and J.
  • Don't be ashamed to dumpster dive. Sometimes people throw out brand new packs of Pasta noodles and never opened jars of peanut butter in Canada!
  • Why mostly food? Because that's all you need, the fun stuff for me personally is the moments and that doesn't cost a thing.
  • ALSO if your around or staying at a hotel you peak your head in, with your bath robe on like you staying there on vacation relaxin and usually they will have a food area in the AM especially! and you get as much as yo pockets and bag can handle. Eat there, then stock up on all the fruit, bread, yogurt, cereal shoooot take that gallon of milk if you gotta. Them places got money they aint gonna trip out when some foods gone.

Why Travel on a small budget?
  • Because its fun! Its easy to wait for that "Perfect" opportunity. But really there is no such thing, YES it may cost some money for a plane ticket, Train ride etc. and that can take some time to save. But once you have gotten a ticket then your good. or maybe you're really budgeting, I'm sure you can get a free ride by holding a thumb up or asking around.
What about things to take back?
  • Ive found really nice boots, crystals, random cards, clothes just by being out and keeping my eyes and mind open. Whether it be on the floor or a purple scarf tied around a tree. This is just my way of bringing something back from my destination. Its a gift from the heavens just for you! Here are some of my finds from traveling.
  • Take photographs, film or work on some sort of project to share while there, I have found this to be the most rewarding part, Looking back especially further down the line.

Last words, You don't gotta take this advice, but know that it is possible. You can play it safe and smart, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just gotta do it though. This is just a small glimpse of how to ball out on a budget. -Jeremy

Friday, February 26, 2016

Silver x Las Vegas "Mr Wynn"

       Pushing along the smooth side walks along the strip through thousands of people (99% intoxicated) in Las Vegas, Nevada with the skate fam was like nothing else. For the most part we got strange looks, excitement from others and a few scared shocks as our wheels rattled through the cracks approaching people from the behind, no pun intended. As we skated from place to place along the strip we appeared to be just a bunch of dirty local skater kids out of place. As you may or may not know people go to this city with stacks in their pockets. So you can imagine it being a bit upscale and us.....a little dirty from riding our skateboards all day and night.

Jamie Cizek is adding a new flava to the tre flip
Chucky frontside feebles while Tom Cat gets a look at the undercarriage of that g ride. 
Eric from Las Vegas brought the most hospitality, while never even meeting him before he chilled with us and skated for a few days. If you don't follow his insta @SkateFam you better get on it!
It seemed that most days were spent going on these missions to find something to eat, but you know what they say "Its not the destination, its the journey" and that is one hundred percent true! The Agenda trade show was also going on and this is where we experienced the "Out of place" feeling. It was Me, Rey, Chucky, Tom, Eric, Jamie, and Chile all sitting on the floor inside the Venetian (a fancy place) waiting to meet Nicole. As we sat there numerous fancy fashion people walked past us and took there clich√© ass photos in front of the agenda sign. As soon as Nicole walked up we were about to go into agenda and then.....This lady walks up to us and in a very demanding tone of voice asks to see our passes and if we were in the right place?? She says were sitting all over the floor looking like bums and in every bodies way! Which we were totally not!!! and there was even a few other people around us doing the same. but only we were hassled. And as we look back, four tall dudes in all black suits came out with walkie talkies and escorted us out, for no dam good reason.  

 We decided to not even deal with them and continue along. Skating in and out of all these fancy places we some how ended up in a incredibly upscale casino. You can tell by the stores and the art trophies displayed. It had to be around dinner time because everyone was feeling hungry.

 We then decided to pick the first place that popped out to us. I couldn't even tell you the name, but it was a buffet and around 40 to 50 dollas a person. I pack my own food so I could just hang out with everyone while they ate. As were being seated in a waiting area, the hostess comes up to seat us then stops and says in a confused fancy tone of voice, "It says here 9 and there is 10 of you" that last one was me. The people insisted that I could not sit in with them while they ate. And once again we were out of place "√† sa place" I personally didn't mind. But no one is left behind thanks to Nicole. We bounced out of that joint and told'em, laters!
Chile Nose picked into this bank while on our way to meet our lyft driver. Lyft drivers are a more relatable taxi driver. Pretty much every driver offered to take us to the strip club, like that's the only cool thing to do in Vegas for a bunch of young skater kids.

Thanks to Chile and a skate spot app, the University of Las Vegas was a few blocks down the way from us. And he layed one down on this OG vegas spot.
Jamie was pushing around with a swollen ankle, but that didn't stop him from laying down this Hard flip first try.
Chile casually 180's this gap while nearly missing this play boi.

Moi flexxin hard
Leaving this massive casino where we just got denied, we all realized we have no idea where the exit is. Chile seems to know everything and points to the direction of a exit sign. We open these doors with the words clearly stated "Emergency exit" Walking through them we end up in this enclosed dark boxed off area. Its clear that no one comes through these exit doors. At one end of the walls are a row of doors so we proceed through them. Looking back at the doors, they have no handles and blend in with the wall. It seems to be that we made it out! We all skate down this fancy side walk path and end up in front of this stretch Rolls Royce limo. A man holding the limo door open for the passenger says to us "You guys are way lost" and whispers to us "This is Mr. Wynn's private area" We then walk into the nearest and ONLY entrance and its locked. We have no idea who Mr. Wynn is by the way. Going back to tell the driver that its locked, the driver says to let us back in to this Mr. Wynn guy. He comes out politely of his Rolls Royce limo, swipes some card and we go back in the casino. Were all freaking out, like who the heck was that guy?? We walk out the place and look up on the top of the building and its says "Wynn" Your telling me that some how the owner of this big ass fancy casino just let a bunch of dirty skater kids back in?! YES! that is exactly what I'm telling you.  -Jeremy

Chucky Melon Grabbed over this rail 1st try for ten Dollas!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Michael Bruhh Filming for Live And Forgive

Backside halfcab over the rail. Rolling up to this narrow rail, Michael popped over this rail...easy.
Bruhh Tippy toes while hanging on to this 5-0 and innovating a new spot
Here I share with you a few photos with Michael "Bruhh" Sanchez. We been out filming shooting photos quiet frequently lately. Whether were filming for Live and forgive, Burque days or whooptyfreakindoo Homies got the passion to skate street and knows the importance of documenting it. I'm looking forward to documenting more of this dude, while watching him evolve quickly as a human. Keep killing it Bruhh I aint even gotta tell ya!

Shitty roll up to crack to tiny bump to big ass 50-50
Mike Dominguez kept the security guard across the street distracted while Michael Bruhh Grinded their G ride!

A last minute choice as we were packing up Michael got this dipped cone smith grind. Chucky should start eating these instead of the chocolate ones from McDonalds.

Another Smith grind!? Yes except this ones going upward on a bar that will easily knock your rib cage or chest in check!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Loco Divine Mother Graphic and Original Piece

I'm constantly cycling through my creations. We have a choice to wake up every day. I'm never really into that person whos like "Oh look at me everybody" I believe we will shine the more and more we shed that ego, but it seems in order to create and share there has to be some sort of "ego" or else you get stuck behind your door creating and no one ever sees. Is it really about what people see? Or is about our own personal growth and possibly its the will to do some thing beneficial with the time we are given. Wooooo!! How valuable this moment is. Maybe some sort of desire to evolve, and change my mind to not accept this as "reality" when in reality we can change it, by changing our self. Its crazy when I began to discover that we can pick and poke life. Open doors, knock on them and also close them. Some times it scares me because of the free will we've been given. I feel that guidance by intuition, listening closely and taking note of the life and signs around. Giving my self time in silence to observe my mind and feel its thoughts and also learn to let go of them. When I sit still, I realize how much of a panic my insides can be and how I itch to move and not be still. Its like were taught to overly stimulate ourselves so we can become exactly what we are not. -Jeremy

Divine Mother Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas
16x20 in a 18x22 frame

Las Vegas Trip Videos by Tom Cat

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Party in the Park Feb. 13 2016

The sun came up today, aint that something special or maybe even a miracle? I've been trying to do this thing every day by starting it off with that phrase or some where along that. I cant quite say I under stand the fundamentals of life or the universe. But to me it seems like things come together when you least expect it or when you are feeling good (Or are they always coming together?) you could call it a experiment of some sort. To be more grateful for the simplest of things that seem to occur every day. Like having a breath, or the fact that each day can be a new start or as a matter of fact each breath is a new start. Like Wow I have a peanut butter and jelly to eat today! Freshly made not used and no mold! Sounds sarcastic sometimes but its true. The Birds came out chirping this morning and shared some toast with me. Isn't that crazy, some how they are still alive and "no one" really feeds them? The more and more I continue to do this, life doesn't seem like this vigorous mountain I'm trying to climb every day. Yeah I still struggle with my downward spirals and continue to have this desire and ego to be "something" but what kind of bogus is that? Each and everybody is somebody, unique individuals who reflect each other. I mean take a look in the mirror and look at your self and don't reach in to fix your hair or poke your face. Just stare into your eyes and know you are divine. I guess I'm also reminding myself. I feel that the more and more we continue to acknowledge the simple things daily it allows us to spiral into a mind at ease, which then attracts us into a more positive and receiving state in our life. But who really knows right?

  After a few days of arriving back in town I have decided to start posting around where I left off. By the way who ever throws these at Roosevelt park every year is awesome! How often do you have a eloquent group of people come together like this in Albuquerque? Not super often unless I'm not going out enough but I always find these super fun filled with plenty of connections. Why not talk to a stranger sometime or step into a circle of people you never talked to and just make things really awkward.. I'm becoming quite stiff as I'm sitting here typing this. My body is aching to move and shake out of its skeleton, I can no longer stay still. I gotta go ride my skateboard. Peace -Jeremy