Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Biggest piece of wax sesh

Spacoli clearly almost nose bonked Pepes head

I'm currently wondering why I didn't take any photos of the biggest piece of wax!? After you absorb these photos be sure to watch the video in the last post from Tom to watch the sesh and the biggest piece of wax ever. My stomach is kind of screaming at me currently and it makes it hard to concentrate to type a post but I cant leave until I am finished. Have you ever had a feeling where you cant stop moving? when you want to get up and start cleaning at 1 in the morning or go running to a destination unknown. I'm not sure where these urges come from but that's how skating is. Its this drug and addiction to feel pain, to fail over and over again. To create a vision in your head that is uncertain and the bliss to feel that vision is unreal. I believe it to be the gateway to learning how to do what people consider "Impossible". -Jeremy

Pepe moonwalked 5-0h on thps4 atleast once in his life time

I think this is worth a 1000 points on thps3

500 points on thps1

This is actually a illusion Pepe's frontside air took place on the flat part outside the bowl

I think this guy smokes cigarette's to look cool.

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