Friday, February 12, 2016

Ethan Melvin NY "City Abandon" Photo show 2/5

Last week my good friend Ethan had his first photo show! "City Abandon" I had it marked in my mental calendar for a month to make it there. With 30 minutes till closing time I made it!! One thing I can say about Ethan's photographs is the feeling he captures that leaves me frozen in time and also with questions in my head that will never be answered. To watch Ethan's progress over a year is outstanding, he was the first person to make me climb a building over 4 stories high, on a ladder that was sticking out of a wall OVER vertically, easily hundreds of feet above that ground, to death AND hanging on by a few loose bolts.....only for the pure joy to take photographs. That night one year ago I learned something that changed my life, how to climb buildings like a ninja super hero in the middle of the night and that the human being is capable of ANYTHING. And when you take those risks, you become brave in life. Not Afraid in the simplest words and to say "Fuck it" Some times you got to scare your self to realize how alive and precious this life is. You only got ONE shot. Thank you Ethan, this is just the beginning. -Jeremy
Instagram Ethan at @mmelvy

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