Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Loco Divine Mother Graphic and Original Piece

I'm constantly cycling through my creations. We have a choice to wake up every day. I'm never really into that person whos like "Oh look at me everybody" I believe we will shine the more and more we shed that ego, but it seems in order to create and share there has to be some sort of "ego" or else you get stuck behind your door creating and no one ever sees. Is it really about what people see? Or is about our own personal growth and possibly its the will to do some thing beneficial with the time we are given. Wooooo!! How valuable this moment is. Maybe some sort of desire to evolve, and change my mind to not accept this as "reality" when in reality we can change it, by changing our self. Its crazy when I began to discover that we can pick and poke life. Open doors, knock on them and also close them. Some times it scares me because of the free will we've been given. I feel that guidance by intuition, listening closely and taking note of the life and signs around. Giving my self time in silence to observe my mind and feel its thoughts and also learn to let go of them. When I sit still, I realize how much of a panic my insides can be and how I itch to move and not be still. Its like were taught to overly stimulate ourselves so we can become exactly what we are not. -Jeremy

Divine Mother Sharpie and Acrylic on Canvas
16x20 in a 18x22 frame

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