Monday, February 29, 2016

How I budget with small amounts of money while travelling.

      I've been having this idea lately to share some of my tips on how I travel on a budget/small amount of money. Some people will call you crazy but I think its genius and also exciting while requiring a open space to witness miracles happen, even if they are happening every moment. I've gone on trips with 20 dollars in my pocket where as most people would use hundreds of dollars to survive. There's nothing wrong with that either! I just think money can seem like a wall to jump over when you want to travel and for me it is and it isn't. Even if I did make a million dollars I would still travel like this, very minimal. Ive been sitting on this vlog from New York for sometime and just felt the motivation to create a post to accompany it.

Handling money
  • Have the amount written down, whether you keep a card or cash write it down and personally to your self unless your sharing. You aint gotta brag about how many dollas you don't got.
  • subtract what is being spent, going towards and write it down on that paper. Be honest with yourself if your about to cash out on a new pair of Gucci frames from some busta ass hustla on the side of the road claiming there the hottest shit when really they flea market frames, You write it down.
  • Don't make your self suffer, its OK to treat your self but depending on your budget try to determine what it can be used for. I like to split my amount in thirds 1.Food, 2.Fares (Bus, train, etc.), 3.extra.
  • The FIRST day you get there, go to the grocery store and buy food. The more you procrastinate to go there the more you'll end up spending.
  • How can you store it? Is there a fridge, Microwave, stove, or a back pack?
  • Don't eat out, Not eating out can seem difficult at first. Depending on your budget treat your self out at least once to some Fried rice and make sure that homie gets you a fortune cookie because you gonna need some wisdom for this experience.
  • Even fast food seems cheap but here is my calculus 101 street equation. We averagely eat three times a day. The bare minimum per meal is two dollas. 2 dollars (per meal) times 3 (meals a day) equals $6 a day, times 7 days a week equals $42 dollas! As where buying groceries I have lived off of 15 to 20 dollars for a week almost two. That's extra cash to ball out spendin on a budget baby!
  • Maybe bread, peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut spread, fruit, Jelly/Jam, Granola, fruit! Or if you got a fridge, stove and microwave then you can get whatever! What's for breakfast lunch and dinner? Snacks? Pack your food to take on the go because you gon be on the go all dam day! You gon be hungry and in a itchin mood for some fries! Ain't no body got time for that. Pack it up and EAT. Every bodies gon be mad jealous when you whippen out that Pb and J.
  • Don't be ashamed to dumpster dive. Sometimes people throw out brand new packs of Pasta noodles and never opened jars of peanut butter in Canada!
  • Why mostly food? Because that's all you need, the fun stuff for me personally is the moments and that doesn't cost a thing.
  • ALSO if your around or staying at a hotel you peak your head in, with your bath robe on like you staying there on vacation relaxin and usually they will have a food area in the AM especially! and you get as much as yo pockets and bag can handle. Eat there, then stock up on all the fruit, bread, yogurt, cereal shoooot take that gallon of milk if you gotta. Them places got money they aint gonna trip out when some foods gone.

Why Travel on a small budget?
  • Because its fun! Its easy to wait for that "Perfect" opportunity. But really there is no such thing, YES it may cost some money for a plane ticket, Train ride etc. and that can take some time to save. But once you have gotten a ticket then your good. or maybe you're really budgeting, I'm sure you can get a free ride by holding a thumb up or asking around.
What about things to take back?
  • Ive found really nice boots, crystals, random cards, clothes just by being out and keeping my eyes and mind open. Whether it be on the floor or a purple scarf tied around a tree. This is just my way of bringing something back from my destination. Its a gift from the heavens just for you! Here are some of my finds from traveling.
  • Take photographs, film or work on some sort of project to share while there, I have found this to be the most rewarding part, Looking back especially further down the line.

Last words, You don't gotta take this advice, but know that it is possible. You can play it safe and smart, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just gotta do it though. This is just a small glimpse of how to ball out on a budget. -Jeremy

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