Thursday, February 25, 2016

Michael Bruhh Filming for Live And Forgive

Backside halfcab over the rail. Rolling up to this narrow rail, Michael popped over this rail...easy.
Bruhh Tippy toes while hanging on to this 5-0 and innovating a new spot
Here I share with you a few photos with Michael "Bruhh" Sanchez. We been out filming shooting photos quiet frequently lately. Whether were filming for Live and forgive, Burque days or whooptyfreakindoo Homies got the passion to skate street and knows the importance of documenting it. I'm looking forward to documenting more of this dude, while watching him evolve quickly as a human. Keep killing it Bruhh I aint even gotta tell ya!

Shitty roll up to crack to tiny bump to big ass 50-50
Mike Dominguez kept the security guard across the street distracted while Michael Bruhh Grinded their G ride!

A last minute choice as we were packing up Michael got this dipped cone smith grind. Chucky should start eating these instead of the chocolate ones from McDonalds.

Another Smith grind!? Yes except this ones going upward on a bar that will easily knock your rib cage or chest in check!

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