Monday, February 1, 2016

Tales from the West Side at Los Altos

Keke Melon To fakie
Spacoli flying out

      Before you scroll down anymore you will want to hit that play button above to enhance your experience. It'll add some of that west side flava yanamean? Yesterday about mid day I show up to Los Altos after a street spot sesh. The Westside locos are out every sunday always getting it! From as early as 7 am or 8 maybe even 6 am in the summer I don't know some crazy shit like that, I'm still sleeping in regardless. Going all day with the abyss of energy I have no idea where it comes from. Pepe claims to be exhausted but this guys flying around the park like a Ferrari on steroids, limping around all wanga but as soon as he steps on his board he's just fine. Might as well change that guys legs out with a wheels or some thing.

Gera Airwalk finger flip to fakie

The one and only treflip by Keke

Spacoli backside powerslide steez across the volcano

As soon as I showed up to the park I was quite exhausted and I saw the homie Keke (Above) Doing these Tre flip to Fakies on the volcano and I knew that it was my duty to document it. I grabbed the 8 millimeter and started shooting. Next thing I know every ones flying in the air, spinning and doing flipper doodles and such. The power of that camera never fails to add the hype to any sesh. It was great practice for me as well, do to the challenge of the obstacle. As them west side vatos were flying out of my frame almost 60 percent of the time I was shooting. Facing shadows and direct mid day sun light I just popped open my built in flash... It Almost gets the job done but just enough for a better photo in this kind of setting.
Gera airwalking

Spacoli surprised me!

Pepe Tuck kneed the shit out of this bishh

Chapo was out to, he had a taco then fronstside aired over the corner

Buddy always seems to get a unbelievable amount of air ever since I can remember. This Melon grab was the most challenging to shoot. Trying to show the obstacle at the bottom while keeping him in frame....wheeew that was so dam crazy.

Spacoli kick flip indy to wind blizzard breeze.

Bryant Chapo would like to thank all his sponsors and would like to request a taco sponsor maybe taco bell or del taco....Only kidding!
Last words these dudes kill it like no other, no wonder why the haters gon'll never have a crew like them! They were just playing around to I'm sure next photos or video some bodies gonna be jumping out of a helicopter into the volcano...Watch out Danny way. -Jeremy

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