Friday, March 25, 2016

April 2nd Albuquerque NM Night of the living Artists

"Night of the living artists" April 2nd at Duel Brewery will be my last show I'm apart of in Albuquerque, New Mexico as I embark on a journey April 5th into Canada until June to be with my lady.
                        Watching life's process unfold, I remember one point in my life I was so certain of a vision I had to create my "Dream" As I continue on this path its like that "Dream" has been dissolved.
 (Not that I give up) I was taught by some media to be some body else.
But those things led me to who I am now.
 I've had to let go so much to the point I realize how little control I have and also how much I do have.
The most I can do is put my heart out there and intentions to the universe, and continue breathing.
 You can want to be something and chase that thing your whole life.
 Only missing it was at your finger tips, All you had to do was take one bite at a time.
It can appear to be tough but I love living a simple life.
 Not fixated on things or living to please.
 I'm solely focused on my inside and humanity.
But keep it a secret on this side.
To share and uplift.
Tell you that you got this and your alive!
you can bend and poke life.
Take those risks.
You got one shot at this.
The mission cant be for money.
Not for fame.
Not for any of that shit.
Once that's set aside with that shiny ego, the sky is vast and blue.
Open to whatever cloud wants to pass.
Putting the spotlight on you.
Taking deep breaths as I watch my self walk over the bridge.
Time to shut my eyes and pass on to the other side.

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  1. This is a great place organize an event; they have great staff and great events put on here! I had nothing but great times and great conversations at venues in NYC. They served slider and shrimp cakes as appetizers with chicken skewers, and eggrolls that had veggies on the inside and some kind of creamy fruit sauce on top.