Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Desire. Its like this thing you itch and chase your whole life.
That feeling of ill be happy when I get this or when this happens.
or my life will be easier when this or that happens,
I'm old and I'm young, As a soul spirals into the next doorway.
Its this thing called life.
This life I observe with my eyes I watch it unfold like some sort of book or movie.
You will never know what's next.
You can sit and chase your tail in circles trying to achieve success.
But what's it all worth?
They say your born and then you die and then your born and then..
I think we fail to achieve.
So attached to this idea of having to be something.
When really you are a outstanding being of light.
Its life above as a child watching ants do there thing,
Going in and out of the hole with there duties.
Gazing into mirrors of myself daily.
Its your eyes that tell the secrets inside.
Have I lost my mind?
Or found my mind?
Maybe I completely vanished.
Going deep inside, were taught our whole life to achieve the outside.
Desire burns you up like fire,
hanging on by a thread,
Walking on a tight rope to stay balanced between lives.
Waiting patiently for the stars to align.
and suddenly
Kundalini travels up the spine.
Clocks spin circles and do there thing.
But take it away and feel your self breath.
Melting away.
 You're complete energy. -Jeremy

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