Friday, March 11, 2016

Feb. 29 filming for Live and Forgive

Mike Dominguez almost split my dome piece slightly after taking this photo as his board flew right into where I was posted up. 
   The universe knows what it is doing.
Take a closer look at that truck, Michael Sanchez aint bout no Nose slide baby
 It is not over. At any moment your life can change.
Bruhh loves the blunts.
Once we change one area of our life all areas change. Everything we do now echoes into eternity.
Nick C De Baca came along the sesh and layed it down.
The mind is a garden, Grow flowers not weeds.Whatever you may be doing or creating will catch up with you. Focus on the kind of life you are creating in the now as that is the life you are creating for a eternity.