Monday, March 28, 2016

Kyle Peters filming for Live and Forgive

     Its quite sad and also exciting as I type this post. As this past weekend was my last filming sesh with the homies for Live and Forgive until June as I'm leaving to Canada in a week. The one thing that can keep me up at night the most is skateboarding and filming that next trick for the vid. It was a blessing to take a few friends from Alamosa skatepark on the sesh yesterday. Kyle and little Ray. These dudes hyped me up and both got clips while pushing themselves to get that much better. After some tries on this stair set my legs were not responding with me and knew I had to stop. But Kyle could not stop. Even while breaking a board he used mine and within a few tries rolled away from a kickflip down this 10 stair. That scream and smile reminded me how amazing that feeling is. When your battling for a trick for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years and magically when you least expect it your feet hover over the bolts and you roll away. If I could describe this feeling to some one who has never felt this in there life I would say that it is the best high I have ever felt in my life...This electricity runs up your spine, while your insides release this scream of joy that comes out uncontrollably. Then your body goes into a shock of shaking and all that pain you felt from fucking your body and mind up completely vanishes. After skating for roughly 9 or 10 years now I am blessed to know that I have felt that bliss around 5 times in that many years. It doesn't come easy I'll tell you that.

     When I seen Kyle roll away from this kickflip I knew instantly that feeling he got just by the look on his face and the sound of his scream. It was a beautiful reminder how precious this simple tool can be. Its scary to think that one day our body will just no longer be able to take these beatings anymore, I think its important to get every little piece of this joy while your body can respond. While pushing on a skateboard through traffic, a smooth street or even along bricks can give me that feeling of freedom always, and pushing will last much longer. Forever grateful for skateboarding my life would be a total shit hole if I never started. Spirit body and mind become one. -Jeremy

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