Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mary Trondsen White Sands Dec. 2015

         December 2015 Me and Mary had a vision, well mostly Mary. To create our first short film together. This was the passing into a symbolic door way. Hauling a large rolling suit case easily over 60 pounds through pure sand dunes aint no joke. It was just the two of us taking all of our set up through this desert in spurts. Going back and forth to get a boom box, then going back to get a shovel then back for a painting and so on. We had so much shit.....precious stuff of course. We were runnin.  We arrived at 4 just one hour before sun down and I knew we didn't have enough time to film it all. It was upsetting at first but also beautiful. Mary still continued to set up the whole scene in minutes. We filmed a few shots and the sun began to set. The colors changed and my mind and worries all released into what I was seeing. I started shooting photos and was amazed at what was happening. My phone was dead and there was no communication with the outside world or knowing what time it was either. I found it to be so precious. Like we escaped "Reality" into some sort of painting.

  I remember looking around and realizing with out words what was truly important in my life. That thrill, that feeling of not knowing. To go to whatever extreme and length to create and see real beauty unfolding in front of me when its so easily looked past in our daily routines. We decided to stay a night and wake up early and go out into this desert all day and create something that words could not explain. We hauled our set up once again but this time with ease.

     We did our thing and got all the shots we needed.  The sun went down and I was in aw once again. Its moments like this that make me feel complete and aligned with my purpose. We came back and locked ourselves down for 3 days straight until the production was done. Solstice then came to life. If you have or haven't seen ill make sure to link the film at the bottom to watch and I advise you to take a closer look. There's more then what meets the eye.

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