Monday, March 21, 2016

Pepe Nery Filming for Live and Forgive

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. You live in Burque you have seen Pepe and if you grew up skating tower you probably thought he was a pro skater when you first stepped foot into that park, at least I did. The level of talent and consistency this "Wanga" is on is what Tom likes to call a "Mexican jumping bean" There is absolutely no excuse to not skateboard. Homie works hard labor practically 6 days a week meaning he gets one day to skate. and takes care of his family. Don't get me wrong ill see him around and he tells me he only has 5 minutes to spare so he stopped at the park to skate. and I mean skate his dam hardest. and that one day out of the week he's going in all dam day! Where this energy comes from I don't know? But I bet you cannot keep up with him. Mad love Pepe stoked we have gotten the opportunity to film you for our vid. -Jeremy

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