Friday, April 29, 2016


 The blog received one thousand five hundred and fiftey four views today no biggie.... This tends to happen occasionally and im positive its some computer bot. As it usually all comes from the same country in a crazy amount. Some where like Israel. But who knows maybe some one really likes looking at my stuff!!! As you can see ive been posting a bit more frequently with the help of my phone and phone snaps. I used to distance my self from using my phone camera because i knew i had a way better one on me. If you know or dont know i found my love for photography through taking photos with my phone. By shooting photos with my phone lately ive been having a lot of fun doing it. Even if im just pointing it at a brick wall i can force my self to see it differently. Rather with my camera i have subjects in my eye i prefer to shoot and im more specific when to click the shutter button. Currently im sitting at euphoria cafe which is Marys work, adding some touches to this piece. We have a couple more days till the beginning of May so me and Mary have been using as many of our moments as possible to make some more art to be up on a big wall over here at the cafe. Lots of love always. And yes im still skating practically every day and envisioning all the tricks im dying to documeent back in Albuquerque unless i find that vx filmer in Calgary where you at? Until then let the good times roll  -Jeremy

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Art by Mia Koegler

Our friend Mia created a beautiful master piece of me and Mary. Not quite sute how on earth she did it?? This is going in the books for sure. Thank you for the love Mia this still has me wordless 💓


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Earth Mother Happy loco graphic

It took longer to color in them leaves then to paint the actual image. Just saying.

Bubble sushi 4/25/16

 The clouds are grey today. The clouds are gray. The ground is moist. Side walks dry. Next to the window. Smoke covering me. 1:16 that machine trys to haunt me. Sitting still. Being still. Letting my mind come and go. Breath in, breath out. Blonde hair. Brush strokes. A glimpse into my current being.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just chillen

UAE 4/23/16

    This is a basketball slash hockey ring rink thingny ma jigger near home base in Calgary that ive been skating flat ground at. Early today out in the cold no one appeared to be outside until i walked up and seen in the distance some body skateboarding there! I got so excited. I couldn't pronounce the kids name but hes from UAE a country in Suadi Arabia I believe. Hes been skating a few weeks and reminds me a lot of me when i started skating. It ended up raining and we parted ways. Ill always have the utmost respect for how a skateboard can bring any type or age of person together.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

WhiteSwan Lake, British Columbia 4/9-11/16

I'm on the urge of defenestrating this laptop of mines. Im keeping my cool but it forces me to work slower then usual so maybe its a test to increase my patients to see if ill smash a rock into it...don't worry I wont. I feel a bit bad because I see that the site is still getting lots of views every day and I cant keep up with it. Its working I suppose. Your probably going to see a lot of un edited photos on here from now depending on how this lap top acts. This is a few photos from a trip out to whiteswan lake in British Columbia. It was the first week here for me. Mary's friend Kiki invited us to go and camp for a few days. It was a warm welcome here and we were up for the ride. We set sail and arrived. Legend has it that a mysterious giant White swan spirit comes out of the water every night around 3 AM and makes really loud noises...... We heard it echo through the mountains in the middle of the night like we were in a ginormous empty stadium. It was beautiful. The stars, beautiful. The air beautiful. The trees. The water. The hot springs. Every thing and the people we connected with. A moment that will always have special place in my heart. -Jeremy


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Yes im still alive. Around breathing and stuff. My days have mostly been consisting of painting, skating, eating, watching rabbits and spending time with my lady. I have been very deep into my paintings lately that i havent had the urge to sit down with my lap top and work on the internet. It seems a lot easier from my phone currently. So Maybe ill start sharring more phone snaps here?? You know to keep you updated! I do have some "adventuristic" photos to share some time soon?? But hey every day is adventurous aye. The two bottom paintings ive been working on consatantly from the moment i wake up till around 3 or 4 in the after noon and sometimes taking them out with me when me and Mary go out at night to work on. Im the kind of person who will close off the whole outside world until whatever it is im working on is done. Explains why i hardly look at my phone or the internet. It feels really nice. Im gonna step off now. Lots of love always. -Jeremy

Friday, April 15, 2016

Earth Mother piece progression 18x24 canvas

These last few days ive gotten back from a trip out to B.C. Canada. I was highly inspired and influenced by the amount of nature i was submerssed in for only a few days. I got back and began working on this piece. I have a really sweet opportunity here in Calgary, AB Canada to share a wall space with my Girl Mary at her coffee place called Euphoria cafe. We will have a whole wall for our art to be hung through the month of may and have it for sale! It will be a blessing to give off its love to the ones around. I promise more photos coming soon!! My lap top is a bit slow and has been giving me trouble editing photos but it does work. Lots of love for you always checking up on me here. Maybe be expecting posts once a week rather then every few days. But you never know <3 -Jeremy