Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Yes im still alive. Around breathing and stuff. My days have mostly been consisting of painting, skating, eating, watching rabbits and spending time with my lady. I have been very deep into my paintings lately that i havent had the urge to sit down with my lap top and work on the internet. It seems a lot easier from my phone currently. So Maybe ill start sharring more phone snaps here?? You know to keep you updated! I do have some "adventuristic" photos to share some time soon?? But hey every day is adventurous aye. The two bottom paintings ive been working on consatantly from the moment i wake up till around 3 or 4 in the after noon and sometimes taking them out with me when me and Mary go out at night to work on. Im the kind of person who will close off the whole outside world until whatever it is im working on is done. Explains why i hardly look at my phone or the internet. It feels really nice. Im gonna step off now. Lots of love always. -Jeremy

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