Friday, April 29, 2016


 The blog received one thousand five hundred and fiftey four views today no biggie.... This tends to happen occasionally and im positive its some computer bot. As it usually all comes from the same country in a crazy amount. Some where like Israel. But who knows maybe some one really likes looking at my stuff!!! As you can see ive been posting a bit more frequently with the help of my phone and phone snaps. I used to distance my self from using my phone camera because i knew i had a way better one on me. If you know or dont know i found my love for photography through taking photos with my phone. By shooting photos with my phone lately ive been having a lot of fun doing it. Even if im just pointing it at a brick wall i can force my self to see it differently. Rather with my camera i have subjects in my eye i prefer to shoot and im more specific when to click the shutter button. Currently im sitting at euphoria cafe which is Marys work, adding some touches to this piece. We have a couple more days till the beginning of May so me and Mary have been using as many of our moments as possible to make some more art to be up on a big wall over here at the cafe. Lots of love always. And yes im still skating practically every day and envisioning all the tricks im dying to documeent back in Albuquerque unless i find that vx filmer in Calgary where you at? Until then let the good times roll  -Jeremy

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