Friday, April 15, 2016

Earth Mother piece progression 18x24 canvas

These last few days ive gotten back from a trip out to B.C. Canada. I was highly inspired and influenced by the amount of nature i was submerssed in for only a few days. I got back and began working on this piece. I have a really sweet opportunity here in Calgary, AB Canada to share a wall space with my Girl Mary at her coffee place called Euphoria cafe. We will have a whole wall for our art to be hung through the month of may and have it for sale! It will be a blessing to give off its love to the ones around. I promise more photos coming soon!! My lap top is a bit slow and has been giving me trouble editing photos but it does work. Lots of love for you always checking up on me here. Maybe be expecting posts once a week rather then every few days. But you never know <3 -Jeremy

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