Thursday, April 21, 2016

WhiteSwan Lake, British Columbia 4/9-11/16

I'm on the urge of defenestrating this laptop of mines. Im keeping my cool but it forces me to work slower then usual so maybe its a test to increase my patients to see if ill smash a rock into it...don't worry I wont. I feel a bit bad because I see that the site is still getting lots of views every day and I cant keep up with it. Its working I suppose. Your probably going to see a lot of un edited photos on here from now depending on how this lap top acts. This is a few photos from a trip out to whiteswan lake in British Columbia. It was the first week here for me. Mary's friend Kiki invited us to go and camp for a few days. It was a warm welcome here and we were up for the ride. We set sail and arrived. Legend has it that a mysterious giant White swan spirit comes out of the water every night around 3 AM and makes really loud noises...... We heard it echo through the mountains in the middle of the night like we were in a ginormous empty stadium. It was beautiful. The stars, beautiful. The air beautiful. The trees. The water. The hot springs. Every thing and the people we connected with. A moment that will always have special place in my heart. -Jeremy


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