Saturday, April 9, 2016

Windy days March 29th 2016 Live and Forgive

Michael Sanchez Half Cab flip

Back side 360
      I Thought that the past Sunday was the last chance I had to film and skate with the homies until June, But that all changed thanks to Michael Bruhh on one of the most claimed windy days in Albuquerque according to the news, which I totally stand against and do not support in any sort of way. Personal reasons of course. We still went out regardless of any fear them sucka ass fools try to portray on the world. And we managed to document a wide variety of spots through out the day.
Dab slide
 You may or may have noticed this site was hidden for a few days and I apologize as I was being overly paranoid entering into a new country. But as your reading right now every thing worked out! I'm currently in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The last time I came to Canada last August I dealt with Immigration entering the country and they gave me such a hard time and asked me a billion questions as if I was some sort of bad person. This time I was sent into secondary inspection which is pretty much the same thing except this time they searched my suit cases. It was no big deal and I was able to breath and slow my heart rate down this time because I had a feeling of what to expect and had my sword sharpened. It seems to be a process of learning to let go of what's going to happen and see what the universe wants to hand me or you. still working on it always. Its a sunny and windy morning out here so far in Calgary. Ive been riding my skateboard every where and haven't done much documenting or even looking at my phone really. It feels like once I'm here with my girl Mary I don't have to care so much about my external world. But I will make sure to start packing my camera on the go to start sharing here soon. As to my brothas and sistas in Albuquerque ill see you soon and make sure to look. -Jeremy


Keepin this one on the d-low

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