Monday, May 23, 2016

Leaving to California

Tomorrow morning May 24th me and my girl Mary are catching a plane to California for Lighting in a Bottle Music festival. We will be landing in a town near by and hitchhiking are way to the festival. will be out for a few days most likely until June 3rd or 4th unless I get a chance before the festival or after to share from my phone. Sending you lots of love for always stopping by, and send us your good love, vibes, prayers and wishes that all will go smooth and fun. Cant wait to share with you! peace <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

YOU'LL WANNA BE HIGH FOR THIS (full video) by Tobi Nelson

Always excited to see a local Albuquerque Vid from the homies!! Its beautiful to watch every one in this crew grow and evolve. From the durans, to "Fro Man" Alex,  and seeing Gush and Rod getting clips was the best. yeeeeea!

Justin Lawson

The world works in a very kind way. I was skating at Millennium park last week some time filming a few and shooting some photos and towards the end of the day this homie Justin told me if I was down to film a part for him in the time being of my stay. Which is roughly about a month. To me the gold in skateboarding is documenting it in the streets. I accepted the offer and we met up and started filming. Skateboarding is very un predictable and anything can happen so we will see what footage we gather together for the time being. Justin hops on his bike and I trail behind him from spot to spot and while innovating some new spots. Looking forward to filming more with you man! -Jeremy

Saturday, May 14, 2016

MongoPod Unboxing/Test (Ultra FishEye clip on) video from Tom Cat

Josh Skating Millennium park in Calgary, AB

Yesterday I took a spontaneous train ride to
 Millennium park and ran in to quite a bit of friends from the past and a few new ones. Me and this lil homie Josh met a week or so ago and I knew I had to document him eventually because of how talented he is. We shot some photos, filmed a few clips at the park and watched him learn tricks in just a few tries. Hope to get some more documentation of this dude soon! -Jeremy

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Black and White photos with Mary

High Resolutions Art Exhibit tonight May 12th in Albuquerque, NM

Tonight please make sure to go check this art exhibit out!!! Itll be a beautiful and fun time i guarantee it. I wont be attending the show but i will have my most recent work that was made in Albuquerque featured in the show. Let me know how it goes if you make it and send me some photos please :) -Jeremy

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stillness and silence

Ive been finding myself sitting in nature for longer periods of time latley. I cant say what is right or wrong. I couldn't quite say why i gathered pine cones and dug out a spot next to these trees. But as i sat today observing the trees next to me they to were surrounded in pine cones. Maybe a metaphor or symbolism of what being still can do for us...or me. I dont think i have found some sort of nirvana or bliss. Observing a tree as it grows tall, old and wise. It sits still and endures all types of weather. Through sunshine, wind, rain and snow. The tree does not move any where, only up, up and away towards the sky. Waiting patiently for whatever it needs. Looking at life and the things we are faced with can seem over whelming. The other day i was walking, feeling good....and BAM a dog runs out of a fence and proceeds to attack me for no good reason. Thank God i had my skateboard to defend me. I saw this situation as a life teaching to me. (and no i didnt hit the dog, i slowly backed away as it gnawed at my board) At any moment some thing can happen... "Good" or "Bad" and how we handle these moments is what will get us to through our next door.  At any moment a fire can start, any moment your whole life can completly change. And what appears to be bad or good, forces us to grow upwards towards the sun...just like the trees. These lessons or life events will always continue to happen. We can ride the wave of life like a boss with how we react to these events. Regardless of how we react, we will continue to keep growing -Jeremy

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Steve from Mission Board shop skating Southwood park

Back side lip to Board crack
I decided to make a trip to southwood park yesterday. Its a bit of a distance but well worth it since the park is new (still being built) and well made. I knew it would be a good spot to start filming and shooting photos the next trip there. Being in a new community as a skater you go to different parks to see where you feel most welcomed or have the most fun and so far it has been at this park. I know there's a few more to check out but I hope to make a few more trips to this spot soon. I documented mostly this homie Steve that I noticed killing it yesterday and we got to film a bunch of clips. I'm excited to edit whatever I document here in Candada but no videos will be up until June or July since I'm running on laptop and cell phone fuel. I'm not positive how these photos look on a desktop because I edited them on my phone. If you feel like anything on the site is looking too bright let me know! As I'm mostly working from my phone to post. Relax and feel your self naturally breath, isn't that amazing? -Jeremy
Theres a bird chirping outside right now.

oh wait what,, its the ghetto bird.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Loco Hats

Calgary skate spots 1

Roaming around I often will come across a skate spot. Whether it be crazy or silly its easy to look at them and talk about it. Since im here in Calgary currently, ill start sharing some spots i find here on the blog.  -Jeremy

Wednesday, May 4, 2016



This right here is the first ever film me and my cousins Marshall and Nathaniel Johnson made back in 2007!! We were computer nerds who had a camera, some computers and ideas to make videos way before the YouTube generation blew up. I have no idea where the idea came from, It was child like and we used whatever tools were around us. A furby and a paint ball gun. We just made it up play by play and it was fun. Here it is 13 year old me :) -Jeremy

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Euphoria Cafe

Our work is now up at Euphoria Cafe in Calgary, AB Canada through the month of May!! Come check it out and get you a cold brew or a panini while your here. <3
Work from Mary Trondsen

Mary's piece on the left and Elizabeths Trondsends work on the right

View of the wall :) my pieces are far left