Saturday, May 7, 2016

Steve from Mission Board shop skating Southwood park

Back side lip to Board crack
I decided to make a trip to southwood park yesterday. Its a bit of a distance but well worth it since the park is new (still being built) and well made. I knew it would be a good spot to start filming and shooting photos the next trip there. Being in a new community as a skater you go to different parks to see where you feel most welcomed or have the most fun and so far it has been at this park. I know there's a few more to check out but I hope to make a few more trips to this spot soon. I documented mostly this homie Steve that I noticed killing it yesterday and we got to film a bunch of clips. I'm excited to edit whatever I document here in Candada but no videos will be up until June or July since I'm running on laptop and cell phone fuel. I'm not positive how these photos look on a desktop because I edited them on my phone. If you feel like anything on the site is looking too bright let me know! As I'm mostly working from my phone to post. Relax and feel your self naturally breath, isn't that amazing? -Jeremy
Theres a bird chirping outside right now.

oh wait what,, its the ghetto bird.

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