Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stillness and silence

Ive been finding myself sitting in nature for longer periods of time latley. I cant say what is right or wrong. I couldn't quite say why i gathered pine cones and dug out a spot next to these trees. But as i sat today observing the trees next to me they to were surrounded in pine cones. Maybe a metaphor or symbolism of what being still can do for us...or me. I dont think i have found some sort of nirvana or bliss. Observing a tree as it grows tall, old and wise. It sits still and endures all types of weather. Through sunshine, wind, rain and snow. The tree does not move any where, only up, up and away towards the sky. Waiting patiently for whatever it needs. Looking at life and the things we are faced with can seem over whelming. The other day i was walking, feeling good....and BAM a dog runs out of a fence and proceeds to attack me for no good reason. Thank God i had my skateboard to defend me. I saw this situation as a life teaching to me. (and no i didnt hit the dog, i slowly backed away as it gnawed at my board) At any moment some thing can happen... "Good" or "Bad" and how we handle these moments is what will get us to through our next door.  At any moment a fire can start, any moment your whole life can completly change. And what appears to be bad or good, forces us to grow upwards towards the sun...just like the trees. These lessons or life events will always continue to happen. We can ride the wave of life like a boss with how we react to these events. Regardless of how we react, we will continue to keep growing -Jeremy

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