Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ali Boulala: The Original Baker Boy - Epicly Later’d (Part 1/4)

This is by far the best epicly later'd I have seen. Ali Boulala is the definition of strong and inspirational and many other great words. There is some thing very special that skateboarding teaches you about life that has no words to describe. If you haven't seen this I highly suggest you watch whether you skate or not this is some serious life lessons and Ali breaks those barriers. -Jeremy

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La


Above photo is Mark Claywell also known as "420Markduckfuck" through Instagram. Homie is from Germany and now living in Albuquerque, NM. He's on a mission. Mark, Michael, Spacoli, Chile and I went out skating yesterday doing whatever we could to avoid the heavy rain clouds passing through. We dodged them and Mark put it down. -Jeremy

Friday, June 24, 2016


This is the first piece i made in Canada back in April. Im now in Albuquerque for any one interested in this piece "Be Present" its 12×15 in the frame.
Sharpie, Acrylic and pencil on canvas.
email me if interested JeremyAdventures@gmail.com 

Catching rides and Drinking Spring water in the California Desert 5/25

After running down the highway 101 in San Luis Obispo with our shopping cart me and Mary decided to stop on the side of the highway and hold our sign in what was probably the "Worst" spot to hitch hike from according to the first person who picked us up. The sun was frying our brains and did I mention we just came from a snowy day in Canada right before we arrived in the California heat.  As we started to wonder and give up while flying our cardboard sign, I recall saying to Mary something like, the right person will pick us up at the right time and before I could finish the sentence a grey VW westfallia van comes pulling up right to us. His name was Michael. A middle aged man who told us he was going to become a catholic monk earlier in his life but decided to do his own thing living in his van since it was too structured. The one thing he repeated to us was "Keep love in your heart" he took us to the middle of no where, the highway exit outside of Bradly, CA and filled our empty water bottles with fresh natural spring water he had collected. We waved good bye and he vanished onto the highway.

The sun was hot and we needed to catch another ride to get the festival grounds. We found a tunnel under a bridge and took a break while reminiscing on how crazy everything has been in only 2 days. We went to hold our thumbs up for another ride and the smallest car decided to pull over. Two dudes from LA going to the festival. Ben and Ngene. They were so excited for the festival that they just wanted to help us wave people down for a ride because we probably couldnt fit in there car. And as we held our thumbs up at approaching cars people honked and gaves us a thumbs up, its like they didnt even realize we were trying to get a ride. Ben and Ngene then decided to squish us into there tiny car and we fit! 

We arrived on Wednesday, meaning we were only allowed into the festival grounds if we had a early bird pass which was 80 dollars per person for a tiny raffle ticket... Ben and Ngene went out of there way to do whatever they could to help us get in but the people were not budging. Me and Mary then decided to wait in the parking lot for the next sign, advice or help. One guy walked up and just handed us coconut chips and his girl gave us Coconut water. Some people we talked to drove an hour out of town just to pick up replica tickets at a store and would give them to us when they get back. We waited and kept talking to people. I even started asking people who were volunteering at the festival if they could low key get us some early bird tickets. We even had some one try to just drive us in but they weren't letting me and Mary in. It was getting dark, we were exhausted and decided to find somewhere to fall asleep.
I was wandering in search for a quiet place to sleep and as I walked backed to Mary she told me that one of the volunteer ladies has a offer to help us get in! I walk over to hear out the offer. She has two early bird tickets for us and needed drugs or money for them. That's the truth of it. I told her we were really low budget. She then said, well how much can you give me? I said 5 bucks. and you know what she said? Deal, I just want to help you guys out. I went and grabbed 5 dollars from my 30 dollar stash and handed it to her. 5 dollars doesn't seem like a lot for two tickets that would have cost us 160 dollars. The next catch? To get into the festival ground was at least a 20-30 minute walk and we had our heavy backpacks. It was past midnight and we were about to just say fuck it and fall asleep. All of a sudden.... the sketchiest guy who seemed like a edgy coc head offered us a ride in. I walked to his car, recognizing hats on the dashboard with life size foam birds glued onto them. No one has these hats I'm telling you. I asked him about the hats and it turns out that I took a photo of this guy last year on the last morning of the festival! Out of 20 some thousand people. That's just how it goes. We hopped in his car and he drove us straight in the festival and told the security guards at the gate he was sneaking his midget in under all his bags and they didn't even think twice. We drove into darkness on the dirt beaten path. and then....parked the car.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Valley of a Thousand Hills video by Huck

These kids are outstanding and feel my heart with joy. They have such pure hearts. It seems that we look most down on other countries like they have it so bad, but what if we are the ones who actually have it bad? I recommend checking out this short film

Go Skateboarding Day Albuquerque NM 6/21/16

Mike Dominguez Kickflip
 I arrived in Albuquerque, NM yesterday around noon after a flight from Calgary, AB Canada where I've been Living with my lady since April. I was on the go since 4 am and got little sleep. I landed and felt so overwhelmed to be in burque it made my stomach sick. I love it here and missed it very much. Its just crazy to be on a plane and travel thousands of miles in a few hours. It was a warm welcoming yesterday from my mom and also all the skate fam from silver skate shop. We met up at the shop around 7 pm and headed out to campus. It got dark faster then what I was used to in Canada. By dark the cops chased us around from spot to spot. We had at least a hundered skaters rolling deep at night.  The cops couldn't do anything because there was so many skaters. It got crazy. The cop cars lined up in front of unm, and one of the homies ollied on to the cop cars hood right in front of the cops!! They reached to grab him and he slipped through there fingers like butter and snatched his board. He was "Savage" for olling onto that cop car. As exhausted as I was from all the energy around me, I'm always grateful for skateboarding. -Jeremy 
Eli Yambao ollie

Mike D switch wallie

Tom Cat getting the angles all night

Tron Bean plant

Eric Savage Ollie onto a car

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hwy 420 video from Zack

My friend Zack from Canada was recently staying in Albuquerque for a few months and I believe had recently left. He just put out some footage he documented, mostly around unm area skating. A very pleasing Highway 420 montage to watch. See you soon Zack!

Randomtage 2! From Tom Cat

iPhone Minitage! video from Tom Cat

Tom Cat coming through with this minitage! Its really awesome to see all my friends skating together at one of my home parks Alamosa! check it

Meeting Angels, California 5/24-25

Travelling seems to be something that should be waited for until the funds are more stable and comfortable. For some odd reason the last trips I've taken have been with "dangerously small" amounts of money in my pocket... Well that's just the way it is sometimes and I must say its quite exhilarating. Me and Mary had tickets to Lightning in a bottle music festival this year in Central California. On May 24th we landed in the town of San Luis Obispo, CA. The plane would not take us directly to the festival but a few towns over. We had a tent, some sleeping bags a little bit of money for food and roughly two days to get to the festival hitch hiking. As we began trekking through the town of SLO scouting for places to sleep we realized our back packs were to heavy. The solution? Shopping carts. After loading up our shopping cart we began pushing it around and I realized we had now become the new "Homeless" people of SLO. And at one point we recieved some money with out asking from a friendly stranger outside a McDonald's. It brought a few tears to my eyes.

          Pushing our shopping cart down Broad Ave. We began talking to any one and everyone asking for some tips on where to sleep. Most the time people would pass us up, a few nice girls gave us directions then there were the local homeless people. It turns out the towns police treat the homeless people like shit (no surprise) and dont give anyone staying on the streets a chance. People told us how hard it was to find places to sleep. We continued our wander and every homeless person we talked to gave us clues where to sleep. My stomach became tense as the sun set and I could hardly think about taking my camera out to document any of the nice people we met. The last group of people we talked to was a homeless family and they gave us our last directions on where to sleep. A park called Laguna lake. A man with long black hair, a beard (of course) and innocent blue eyes spoke to us with specific directions to go far back into the lake bed and once we get a to a gazebo, keep going far as possible because they shine spot lights, and once the sun comes up pack up and leave. We got to the lake in the middle of the night with our shopping cart and noticed there was one car patrolling the area. And it seemed to be that every direction we pushed our shopping cart through this bumpy, holey field of hay, the car would go the opposite way. It was like we were invisible. We found a spot next to a tree and stashed our selves under the moon light while hundreds of frogs sang the night away.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pismo Beach 6/1/16

Kanucd - Constance (Prod by D Low Beats)

The homie Kanucd just dropped this track. I had never checked out any of his music until this morning and I'm impressed! You should check him out, press play and listen. -J

Thursday, June 9, 2016

San Fran Airport 5/24

Hello, hi hey there. I seem to be moving quite slowly lately to get things posted or shared here these past few days or week. I'm working on and trying to determine how I can share my next posts because its a bit over whelming. I think as a creative person who shares art it is important to hold onto to things for a while and not be quick to put it on the internet. So I'm typing, revising and working on something for whomever. -Jeremy

Friday, June 3, 2016

Still Alive

I realized today....how grateful i am to live a safe life in sanctuary more then ever. Me and Mary made it back to Canada last night after hitchhiking, pushing shopping carts with all of our shit and looking for places to sleep in California for the last 10 days. I never realized how hard it is to actually stay on the streets until you do it. And also how miraculous and easy it can be as well. I havent got to a computer yet to show you any photos but heres one phone snap. It was crazy.... Insane. Bittersweet and beautiful. We met angels all along the way.... People who would find it deep in there hearts to make it there duty to help us when we would be loosing hope and especially when we let go. People treated us like scumbags and others would treat us as equal and some times even better. I have so many things to share from this trip. Ill figure out how the heck i could explain what happened eventually. Just thought id give a brief update that everything is alright and that it has been a very Spiritual journey. Ive never seen so many miracles happen back to back. But maybe its easier to look pass them when your living a comfortable life. And also a big thank you and hug and love to every single person who helped us out there. We cant survive with out each other. -Jeremy