Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Go Skateboarding Day Albuquerque NM 6/21/16

Mike Dominguez Kickflip
 I arrived in Albuquerque, NM yesterday around noon after a flight from Calgary, AB Canada where I've been Living with my lady since April. I was on the go since 4 am and got little sleep. I landed and felt so overwhelmed to be in burque it made my stomach sick. I love it here and missed it very much. Its just crazy to be on a plane and travel thousands of miles in a few hours. It was a warm welcoming yesterday from my mom and also all the skate fam from silver skate shop. We met up at the shop around 7 pm and headed out to campus. It got dark faster then what I was used to in Canada. By dark the cops chased us around from spot to spot. We had at least a hundered skaters rolling deep at night.  The cops couldn't do anything because there was so many skaters. It got crazy. The cop cars lined up in front of unm, and one of the homies ollied on to the cop cars hood right in front of the cops!! They reached to grab him and he slipped through there fingers like butter and snatched his board. He was "Savage" for olling onto that cop car. As exhausted as I was from all the energy around me, I'm always grateful for skateboarding. -Jeremy 
Eli Yambao ollie

Mike D switch wallie

Tom Cat getting the angles all night

Tron Bean plant

Eric Savage Ollie onto a car

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