Monday, June 13, 2016

Meeting Angels, California 5/24-25

Travelling seems to be something that should be waited for until the funds are more stable and comfortable. For some odd reason the last trips I've taken have been with "dangerously small" amounts of money in my pocket... Well that's just the way it is sometimes and I must say its quite exhilarating. Me and Mary had tickets to Lightning in a bottle music festival this year in Central California. On May 24th we landed in the town of San Luis Obispo, CA. The plane would not take us directly to the festival but a few towns over. We had a tent, some sleeping bags a little bit of money for food and roughly two days to get to the festival hitch hiking. As we began trekking through the town of SLO scouting for places to sleep we realized our back packs were to heavy. The solution? Shopping carts. After loading up our shopping cart we began pushing it around and I realized we had now become the new "Homeless" people of SLO. And at one point we recieved some money with out asking from a friendly stranger outside a McDonald's. It brought a few tears to my eyes.

          Pushing our shopping cart down Broad Ave. We began talking to any one and everyone asking for some tips on where to sleep. Most the time people would pass us up, a few nice girls gave us directions then there were the local homeless people. It turns out the towns police treat the homeless people like shit (no surprise) and dont give anyone staying on the streets a chance. People told us how hard it was to find places to sleep. We continued our wander and every homeless person we talked to gave us clues where to sleep. My stomach became tense as the sun set and I could hardly think about taking my camera out to document any of the nice people we met. The last group of people we talked to was a homeless family and they gave us our last directions on where to sleep. A park called Laguna lake. A man with long black hair, a beard (of course) and innocent blue eyes spoke to us with specific directions to go far back into the lake bed and once we get a to a gazebo, keep going far as possible because they shine spot lights, and once the sun comes up pack up and leave. We got to the lake in the middle of the night with our shopping cart and noticed there was one car patrolling the area. And it seemed to be that every direction we pushed our shopping cart through this bumpy, holey field of hay, the car would go the opposite way. It was like we were invisible. We found a spot next to a tree and stashed our selves under the moon light while hundreds of frogs sang the night away.

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