Friday, June 3, 2016

Still Alive

I realized grateful i am to live a safe life in sanctuary more then ever. Me and Mary made it back to Canada last night after hitchhiking, pushing shopping carts with all of our shit and looking for places to sleep in California for the last 10 days. I never realized how hard it is to actually stay on the streets until you do it. And also how miraculous and easy it can be as well. I havent got to a computer yet to show you any photos but heres one phone snap. It was crazy.... Insane. Bittersweet and beautiful. We met angels all along the way.... People who would find it deep in there hearts to make it there duty to help us when we would be loosing hope and especially when we let go. People treated us like scumbags and others would treat us as equal and some times even better. I have so many things to share from this trip. Ill figure out how the heck i could explain what happened eventually. Just thought id give a brief update that everything is alright and that it has been a very Spiritual journey. Ive never seen so many miracles happen back to back. But maybe its easier to look pass them when your living a comfortable life. And also a big thank you and hug and love to every single person who helped us out there. We cant survive with out each other. -Jeremy


  1. Preach the truth, fall into your goals, flow like wataa