Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bryant Chapo and Jawshoewa 7/18/16

Jawshoewa all salty for his boyz
Bryant Bruce Lee Chapo Tre flip

Chapo Frontside boardslide

"Whats half of a taxi? A half cab" -Bob. Not sure what it would be if you add in the flip

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Short Films Premiering this Saturday and also recent Art work being shared 7/30/16 in Albuquerque, NM

"Dream" is an exploration into the cosmic consciousness dream state following Mary Trondsen as she hitchhikes in California to the music festival Lightning in a Bottle, while facing constant cycles of change from homelessness to uplifting synchronicities and a healing process of the universal oneness.
 This Saturday I will be premiering two films "Dream" and "Calgary" at the Peace and Justice Center for the Five elements benefit show in Albuquerque, NM I'm not sure the exact time but the films will be shown between 530 and 630pm along with others work. Here is the event for more info
After that starting at 7pm I will be sharing recent art work, selling product and live painting at Duel Brewery for the event Street Smarts here is a link for more info
come to both it will be well worth your time! -Jeremy

"Calgary" is a short skateboarding film in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Coming into a new environment of skateboarders is a difficult thing to find your way into the community sometimes. My addiction is skateboarding and filming it/being filmed. I had to force myself to point my camera at people I never met and ask to film them which forced me out of my comfort zone. Synchronicities came together and the right people (Now friends) fell into the right place. This version will only be played this Saturday and possibly not available online for a few months due to awaiting footage from a friend who wants to send me more.

Day With The Dudes! (My First Vlog?) Video from Tom Cat

Mosa Homies 7/22/16

Joey Sanchez Ollie

Marcos Salinas Switch FS flip

Tron Pop Shuv-it Tail Grab

Kyle Peters Varial Heelflip

Mike Backside Flip

Rey Morales Nollie Inward Heel

Marcos Salinas Nollie Backside Flip