Monday, August 29, 2016

Mike Dominguez Recent Skate photos from August 2016

Mike had been skating since 10 AM this day and I arrived on the sesh about 6pm..He claimed he was beat until we rolled up to this belly button height rail. Whatever over the waist would be... and hopped in this 50-50 in just a few tries

You ever remember playing tony hawk pro skater and you could set up your own obstacles and build a skate park? With help from Michael Bruhh these two made that very possible by rigging up this sketchy wallie over a table. and Mike was doing these wallie Manuel's every try.  

No comment
After he landed this Ollie he threw his board in the air and I'll let your imagination figure out what happened after that.

You know that movie "Like Mike" where the little kid finds a pair of Michael Jordans old shoes and they give him super powers....especially in jumping real high....there's your answer everybody. Mike had found a pair of Michael Jordans shoes when he first started skating and instantly was able to pop high! He wont admit it, but its true.

Friday, August 26, 2016

"Calgary" Short Skateboarding Film online PREMIERE

"Calgary" is a short skateboarding film in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Coming into a new environment of skateboarders can be difficult while finding your way into the community. I had forced myself to point my camera at people I never met and ask to film them which forced me out of my comfort zone. Synchronicities came together and the right people (Now friends) fell into the right place and we were able to create this piece.
Steve Rohls from Mission Board shop in Calgary
Josh Lasante Cook
Justin Lawson
These dudes are just a small taste of the major talent in this city!
Thank you guys so much for allowing me to document you.

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 8th 2016

Backside Heel
 Sage Fegan

Frontside Boneless
Rocky Pedroncelli

Tre Flip
Jamie Cizek

Front side pop shuv it

Frontside Flip

Back side Lip

A switch smith in a another realm
Plumber Man 2.0

Switch Feeble!

Jamie was Trying Hardflip rock to fakie and ended up doing a Hard flip feeble stall

Samantha and Dave

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

C1RCA Demo in Santa Fe August 2016 "West Bound and Down"

Manny "Chile" Gonzalez Back tail

Spacoli 180 switch 50-50

Plumber Man 2.0

Ryan tweakin it out there

Neen Williams back tail

Mr. Smith forgot the flash

Dartandian quick Ollie up to this massive back 180

David Gravette kick flip footplant

Robbie Brockel and a beast Front shuv

Jamie Cizek Heel flip

Rocky backside 180

Taylor Kirby Back Big spin

Brian the Lion and a his infamous Benihana is that how you spell that trick?

Dartandian and this insane tre flip
Taylor and his Front Blunt

Neeno back tail shuv it


Half Cab Crook by the Brockel flip master

Jack Olson Kick flip nose grind 

Ray Chavez kickflip Boardslide

Northern NM homie

A New Mexico sunset and Chile doing a backside flip

Jamie gots them Frontside Flip
Snapchat gang over here

Here is the Video from this day filmed by Tom Trujillo. Much love to all the homies out there, its always beautiful when everyone comes together to share the one thing we love doing. -Jeremy