Tuesday, August 16, 2016

C1RCA Demo in Santa Fe August 2016 "West Bound and Down"

Manny "Chile" Gonzalez Back tail

Spacoli 180 switch 50-50

Plumber Man 2.0

Ryan tweakin it out there

Neen Williams back tail

Mr. Smith forgot the flash

Dartandian quick Ollie up to this massive back 180

David Gravette kick flip footplant

Robbie Brockel and a beast Front shuv

Jamie Cizek Heel flip

Rocky backside 180

Taylor Kirby Back Big spin

Brian the Lion and a his infamous Benihana is that how you spell that trick?

Dartandian and this insane tre flip
Taylor and his Front Blunt

Neeno back tail shuv it


Half Cab Crook by the Brockel flip master

Jack Olson Kick flip nose grind 

Ray Chavez kickflip Boardslide

Northern NM homie

A New Mexico sunset and Chile doing a backside flip

Jamie gots them Frontside Flip
Snapchat gang over here

Here is the Video from this day filmed by Tom Trujillo. Much love to all the homies out there, its always beautiful when everyone comes together to share the one thing we love doing. -Jeremy

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  1. Great picture on Longboards. I like adventourous Downhill Ride and able to make quick carving. I am not a professional but some guideline of boarding helping me to learn well.