Monday, August 29, 2016

Mike Dominguez Recent Skate photos from August 2016

Mike had been skating since 10 AM this day and I arrived on the sesh about 6pm..He claimed he was beat until we rolled up to this belly button height rail. Whatever over the waist would be... and hopped in this 50-50 in just a few tries

You ever remember playing tony hawk pro skater and you could set up your own obstacles and build a skate park? With help from Michael Bruhh these two made that very possible by rigging up this sketchy wallie over a table. and Mike was doing these wallie Manuel's every try.  

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After he landed this Ollie he threw his board in the air and I'll let your imagination figure out what happened after that.

You know that movie "Like Mike" where the little kid finds a pair of Michael Jordans old shoes and they give him super powers....especially in jumping real high....there's your answer everybody. Mike had found a pair of Michael Jordans shoes when he first started skating and instantly was able to pop high! He wont admit it, but its true.

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