Sunday, September 11, 2016

NotZozobra 9/9/16

If you are familiar with New Mexico culture you have certainly heard of Zozobra. Maybe not? They build this big sculpture every year in Santa Fe and everyone puts intentions of release, anger and things they want to manifest in their life etc. usually by writing on it or sticking notes inside of the sculpture also know as a effigy. It gets burned to shreds. This is NotZozobra, it's a small gathering in Albuquerque, NM. The same concept while downsized to a community of friends. The theme this year was something you are angry at. Me, Juliana Coles and Sri Louise built our own 2ft by 2ft. effigy's. As seen in the photo above. We put all of our intentions into these creepy master pieces made from sticks, plants, wires, feathers and various materials. We did our best to keep it non toxic for the environment. By the time we got to putting our effigy's into the fire one of them was missing!! We would like to believe that a dog crept by and stole the thing but I think it magically escaped to avoid the burn. 
This is the guy who hosts the event I think his name was Paul?? I'm sorry if I'm wrong!
I didn't see this Trump face get burned.....
Sri Louise and Juliana Coles

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