Saturday, October 29, 2016

Love Life 11/4/16

99 cent store and the shop 10/29/16


The homie Keith is always on the block (Washington and central)

Keith and Lilly


Calvin showing his work at the shop check his Instagram out! @cptstraightedge

#NODAPL Albuquerque Stands with Standing Rock 10/28/16

 Obama 202-456-1111
North Dakota Governor 701-32-2200
Morton County police Department 701-667-3330
If you don't know what's going on in North Dakota its easy to learn about it online and read many different sources, Facebook seems to be the best one because you are getting live videos of what's really going on. Major news media companies will not cover this because they suck the oil industries dick. This pipeline is putting a major threat to the Missouri river which is a main water supply for many. And of course they are building this right through sacred land with out giving a fuck about any body else. The police are acting violent with peaceful human beings while arresting, shooting, tear gassing etc. for absolute no reason. This country is putting major shame on itself right now and it can no longer be hidden thanks to the power of technology.  

Friday, October 28, 2016

A few photos with Andy Varela 10/12/16

Tower OGs 10/25/16

Kevin Vigil OG hasn't skated in years and still gots the illest melon out there

AJ hasent skated in 7 plus years and he put down a feeble 50-50 no problem
Kevin tweaking these crazy back side smith grinds

Josh old man tricks.... Are INSANE

Tower Por Vida

Monday, October 24, 2016

Photos from Cessos fun run 10/13/16

I got invited to the 3rd annual CESOSS Acequia celebration and fun run by my friend Jasmyne Munoz. I was gifted the opportunity to donate one of my paintings to be raffled off. This event honors the South Valley acequias and the members who preserve the water and land in New Mexico. Thank you so much Jasmyne and Virginia Necochea for allowing me to be apart of the event! Here is a link to CESOSS facebook page

The skate legend ET was there!

Watching Currently 10/24/16 11:03

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Loco Etsy store release date to be announced

This month has been extremely busy for me. I have tons of work always to share here on the blog but lately I've been finding my self staying further away from computer work because it feels better to make something physically with my hands rather then look at a screen and analyze things. I really wanted to have a release date this October for all the clothing I've been working on but I recently agreed to do a solo art exhibition in Albuquerque, NM. It will be held at Duel Brewing company. The opening Reception is November 4th. and my work will be up until Nov. 18th. There is a total of 17 wall spaces I believe and I got about 13 or so pieces so you can imagine I'm working like a mad (but fun) man lately. Making paintings while also making clothes and editing photos. I'm not really into quantity so I'm not sweating it. Here is a link to the Facebook event for more info on that show.
Thanks for being here now. -Jeremy

Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray listening to currently 10/18/16 10:26 AM

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Darius - Hot Hands Listening to currently 10/13/16 11:36 AM

Skating Atrisco 10/916

Mike Dominguez Switch flip
Spacoli ravioli
Brick squad
Mike D came for believe he got it!
Bruhh getting the trendy angles
Spacoli did about ten NBDs on this hubba just saying.