Saturday, January 7, 2017


If you have been checking here lately I appreciate you. I have gotten extremely busy with working my brand Happy Loco. I am currently creating a blog and site just for the brand. and I'm almost tempted to retire JeremyAdventures.Com . I will keep blogging here and there and keep it up for portfolio stuff. But I have found rather then juggling 20 things its time I focus all my attention on one thing. Atleast as much as I can. or as much as the universe permits. I'm almost tempted to take a break from painting and only focus on the fashion, photography and of course skateboarding. I'm going to see how far I can go with Happy Loco and take it all across the country and around the globe if possible, in a gypsy way. I'm sure it will take a life time. Or maybe ill find something else I love to do down the line. But right now; its this for some strange reason. For once in my life I can say I feel completely my self. I trust the universe. I don't even care about "making it" I'm done with that term. I don't do any of this for money. and I don't expect to make a whole lot. and if I do that's awesome. but that is not why I do this. Honestly I hardly make money from these crafts. But I see a shift in the universe and my life and this art. People really love it, and seems like you all see some thing more in it then I even do. So I'm gonna keep going. Even if I end up homeless for this shit. I'm fucken down to ride. I already sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag every night, and I love it. I'm on a mission till I die and I have no idea why.

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