Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Been a while

Train came in late to Albuquerque.
Missed a shuttle to the festival from LA.
Caught a ride with a Brazilian Australian girl I never met.
Made it to the festival.
Was fed more then enough to eat.
Met some friends.
Wondered why I was brought here.
What am I learning here.
I learned a lot.
About my self, how much I love dancing, engaging people I'd never talk to when I spend so much time to my self.
But it's vital to learn from others.
I closed my heart for some time.
And I keep it open just a tad.
I love going on solo adventures.
I love being by myself a lot but I also love connection.
And id say that's what makes me most happy.
When being around a person just clicks and you can't explain why.
Even for a few minutes.
Some person came up to me and grabbed me by the hand and asked what my secret was.
What this cloak I was wearing was?
And how my face never aged.
I don't know who this person was.
If I told you about my life and the people I met in depth, you'd call me crazy.
But I believe in Angels.
I guess that's why I keep to my self this crazy mystery.