"Water Is Life"
A short documentation of a conversation accompanied by visuals at Standing Rock. #NODAPL

"Get Lost"
A moment in "time" where a destination is forgotten. To let go completely and let the universe blow its wind to where you are needed the most.
Get Lost.
Starring Mary Trondsen.

There are many types of ways we choose to escape our reality. Some are detrimental to our souls and some transcend us to another place inside, A place where we can find our selves. Whether we choose deadly or nourishing escapes, we still find our selves in life's process.

"à sa place"
A short film following a group of young skateboarders through Las Vegas, Nevada as they skate everything and anything along the Strip regardless of what anyone thinks. Starring
Manny Gonzalez, Chucky Morales, Rey Morales, Jamie Cizek, Erik SkateFam, Tom Trujillo, Moises Baidon, Nicole Montes, Natalee Maxwell

Atlantic Coral Reef Skate Montage
    A collection of skate footage from Michael Sanchez, Manny Gonzalez, Mike Dominguez, Chucky morales, Jamie Cizek and plenty more. While taking a deeper dive into the Atlantic Coral Reef.

A film by Mary Trondsen and Jeremy Salazar on resilience, inner strength, finding solace, and dealing with/overcoming addiction. Filmed in White Sands, NM. Dec. 15

 NYC Silver
A skateboarding trip to New York City with Silver Skate shop. A documentation of our adventures, encounters and tricks. Sept. 15


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